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When your doctor prescribes long-term bed rest, it doesn’t have to mean endless hours of staring at television or the walls. Author Barbara Edelston Peterson, a world-champion triathlete, offers the wisdom of experience in her practical and reassuring book, which spells out everything you need to adapt and thrive during your stay in bed.

“This book will serve as a guide to help patients make the most of their ‘time off.’ Bed rest should be seen as an opportunity for self-reflection, quieting the mind, and finding strength from within, not as a punishment. Thank you, Barbara, for your inspiration.” —Leslie Kardos, MD, Chief of Gynecology, and Director of Robotic Gyn Surgery at the California Pacific Medical Center

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What You Will Learn in this Book


Transform your bed into “Command Central” with a phone, laptop, and accessories so you’ll be prepared for anything.

Plan a daily routine of appointments, tasks and visitors.
Start personal projects such as journaling, learning a craft, and even earning money through product reviews.
Create special memories with our children by playing games and doing puzzles.
Stay connect through social media networks.

“In Making the Most of Bed Rest, Barbara Edelston Peterson—the most energetic person I know—shares her experiences with courage and fortitude, then shows the rest of us how to be productive, empowered, and even grateful while recovering from physical confinement. A heartfelt thank you for initiating this positive path to wellness.” —Nina Lesowitz, coauthor of The Courage Companion, and the bestseller Living Life as a Thank You

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Bed Rest Community


Communicate with Barbara and the many others who are making the most out of bed rest.

You are not alone! Everyone who experiences extended physical confinement, either through strict bed rest or being immobilized, has their own unique journey trying to cope. As you will see by the following stories, there is a common thread among them: a positive desire to make the most of the challenge.

Following is a personal excerpt from the book. What’s your story? Share it with us.

Jennifer, 37 years old, “There are many ways to enlightenment.” I’ve always fantasized about pregnancy and envisioned myself active and demonstrating that commonly talked about “glow.” In my wildest dreams, I never pictured the experience I had. Initially I’d been sentenced to rest at home on the couch or the bed for the duration of my pregnancy…..The holiday season was approaching. I was excited about my parents’ visit, the buzz in the air, and the anticipation of my first baby! All of this kept me going during this first phase of bed rest. Then it turned cold and gray. I watched our home become messier by the day. I couldn’t get up to do the things I wanted and needed to do. There was junk mail everywhere, newspapers, dirty dishes, and laundry overflowing onto the floor. I felt alone and helpless, and depressed….

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Now you can rest assured! Everyone experiences seasons in life when rest is required for healing — pregnancy, surgery, injury, recovery from illness — and this book brings hopeful, positive perspective to those times. A must-read with every prescription of bed rest."

Ame Mahler Beanland, coauthor of "Postcards from the Bump"

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Hello from Barbara

Hello from Barbara

Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2012

For the more than one million people who face an extended period of bed rest every year, this practical and reassuring guide turns recuperation into a productive and rewarding experience. Forced to spend months in bed during her first pregnancy, author Barbara Edelston...

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